The carpal tunnel, then cts may be present. viagra online X-rays of the hands and blood tests may be used to find out if there are any other medical problems that are causing cts. Studies called electromyogram and nerve conduction velocity or emg/ncv tests map the funciton of the nerve and help to confirm whether the condition is mild or severe. viagra price This electrical study can also help to identify other diseases or conditions that may mimic carpal tunnel syndrome. cheap viagra Certain other conditions can place pressure on nerves at different sites such as the neck and elbow. Treatment mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may be treated with braces, medicines, injections, or self-management techniques. cheap generic viagra Moderate and severe cases of cts are sometimes treated with surgery. Self-management adjusting your daily work activities may help prevent and/or relieve cts symptoms. Here are some ways you can do this: rest your wrists and hands from time to time. Alternate tasks to reduce the pressure on your wrist. Delegate tasks that bother your hands to co-workers or family members. cheap viagra Modify or change any daily activities, including hobbies, that put too much pressure on your wrist. If you think your cts may be due to activities at your job, talk to your doctor and your manager. buy generic viagra cheap online They may be able to help you make some changes that will relieve the problem. This could include adjusting your work area or reducing the amount of time you spend at particular tasks. An occupation therapist can help you find ways to modify your activities or suggest tool modifications to put less stress on your wrists. viagra used for heart Diet cts related to a vitamin deficiency can be treated with vitamin b6, though most patients with a normal diet do not have significant vitamin deficiencies. Viagra side effects blood pressure Medications oral anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Surgery for moderate and severe cases of cts, surgery is generally recommended. can u overdose on viagra Although braces or medications may help, they will not relieve all the symptoms of pain, numbness or tingling. Tesco viagra prices Without surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve, these symptoms may become permanent. Viagra 5mg uses The procedure, called carpal tunnel release, releases the transverse carpal ligament to relieve the pressure on the median nerve. This can be done through: an incision from the palm to the wrist. viagra sale online canada A limited incision in the palm only. An endoscopic carpal tunnel release using a special fibro-optic instrument. buying viagra pills online The last two options decrease the length of the scar, which can speed recovery. viagra price This is usually a simple operation that can be done on an outpatient basis. where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription After surgery, you will probably have some use of your hand within two weeks or so, but you should avoid activities that put too much stress on your wrist.. viagra price safe take viagra ace inhibitors

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Our motto is to deliver the best quality service and client satisfaction

Frank Bernaudo Hairstyling is the destination mens and womens hair salon in Melbourne's South-Eastern Suburbs. Located in Dandenong, their exceptional style and outstanding service has seen them become an important part of the community and has earned them the reputation as the premiere hair salon.

The Frank Bernaudo Hairstyling Team are highly experienced and are specialists in creative cuts, colours, tints, highlights and colour corrections. They also offer expertise in bridal hair, luxury blowaves and mens facial grooming.

Frank Bernaudo Hairstyling

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